Fun Facts:
You can get addons by Addon Doll and Addon Stone. You can also get them manually by collecting addon items.

Super EXP System
Super EXP are additional points that allow you to use things to develop your character. To check the current amount of S.EXP points that our character has, enter the following command in the game: !SE Points are assigned automatically for killing monsters.
Stamina Doll
  • S.EXP-10K
Stamina Token
  • S.EXP-3K
PVP Potion
  • S.EXP-10K
PVM Potion
  • S.EXP-5K
ViP Coin
  • S.EXP-1K
EXP Boost Potion
  • S.EXP-20K
Great EXP Boost Potion
  • S.EXP-50K
Level Box
  • S.EXP-100K
  • S.EXP-30K
EXP Egg (200Lvl)
  • S.EXP-1K
EXP Egg (400Lvl)
  • S.EXP-2K
EXP Egg (800Lvl)
  • S.EXP-5K
EXP Egg (1200Lvl)
  • S.EXP-10K
EXP Egg (1500Lvl)
  • S.EXP-15K
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1. Malutkii
20 lvl - Knight