Fun Facts:
Did you know Exp boost potion and Great exp boost potion they increase our experience temporarily?

Very easy.
A little harder than hard.
For getting lvl 500.
For getting 1000 lvl.
For getting 100 skill.
For hitting 100 mlvl.
For logging in for the first time.

For logging in 1000 times.
For dying 100 times.
For getting 100 frags.
For buying blessings 100 times.
For purchase in sms shop.

For using 500 VIP tokens.
For using the VIP Medal.
For completing 30 tasks.
For collecting 10,000,000 gp on your acc.
For eating 2000 pieces of food.

For killing 2000 Dragoons.
For killing 2000 Oblivion Bugs.
For killing 2000 Dragon Lords.
For killing 2000 Demons.
For killing 2000 Fat Spiders.

For killing Pure Evil.
For winning the lottery.
For using 50,000 mana potions.
For winning the Zombie event.
For completing Annihilator.

For paralyzing players 1000x.
For being paralyzed 1000x.
For catching 5000 fish.
For repairing VIP shoes 30x.
For breaking 300x piggy banks.

For using the spell "exevo pan" 2000x.
For buying a house.
For using 100x paid exp.
For getting all addons.
For using frag remover 2 times.
500 Level!
1000 Level!
100 Skill!
100 Magic level!
First OTSWAR login!

How much is in the log-in?
How to die hard!
Frag, frag, frag...
God bless you!

Token mastah!
Vip owner.
Hi, task, yes.
Rich bitch.
Fat player.

What does the bug say?
Lord of Dragons!
Lord of Demons!
Lord of Fat Spiders!

Huh? Pure Evil? No way...
One word: LUCKY.
Bring me some mana!
Like a legend!

Why i'm so slowly?
I like to walk often, very often.
Who's the piggy?

Normalnie geslerowa.
House owner.
How to hide?
I like addons!
To much frags?
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1. Malutkii
20 lvl - Knight