Fun Facts:
You can get addons by Addon Doll and Addon Stone. You can also get them manually by collecting addon items.

Jan 14 2021 -
Server Info

[World configuration]:
-8.6 Custom Map From 0
-Datacenter Munich, Germany (Europe)
-Server save at 00:00.

[Experience stage]:
1 - 20 level, 100x
21 - 50 level, 80x
51 - 150 level, 75x
151 - 200 level, 70x
201 - 300 level, 65x
301 - 350 level, 60x
351 - 400 level, 50x
401 - 700 level, 45x
701 - 900 level, 30x
901 - 1300 level, 20x
1301 - 1500 level, 10x
1501+ level, 5x

[Game Configuration]:
-Loot rate: 3x
-Magic rate: 15x
-Skill rate: 35x
-Spawn rate: Another
-Level needed to gain exp. from player: 200+
-Level needed to create guild: 300+

[Player commands]:
!refill soft
!refill fire
!backpack - !bp
!hunted nick, money-vip-premium, how many
!playerinfo nick

[Skulls Configuration]:
-PvP Protection: 20.
-Frags to Red Skull: 16.
-Frags to black Skull: 32.
-Frags to Ban: 6.
-Frag duration: 12h.

[Another info]:

-Bless cost: 20k.
-Promotion Cost: 20.
-Recovery level cost: 10k x Lvl of character.

[On our server You will find]:
-Many new monsters.
-New spells.
-New systems like:
-Advanced Guild system.
-Guild War system.
-Improved Exp system/ice cream system.
-New World Raid with advanced AI monsters.
-Mosters arena.
-Arcades games/boards games
-Vip Teleports to last exp places system.
-Arenas PvM.
-Bounty system.
-Players Bounty systems.
-Training system.

-Guild Conquest.
-Darkness Stone.
-Dragon Stone.
-Poison Stone.
-Guild Wars.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1. Malutkii
20 lvl - Knight
2. Dx
8 lvl - Sorcerer